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Introduction is an IT company with headquarters in Kingston Ontario, Canada. Bitswift implements emerging technology solutions on behalf of its customers in a manner that increases their ability to be more profitable and productive.


You can think of Bitswift as a dedicated support team for your business or home technology requirements.

What is the Bitswift Rewards Network?


The Bitswift rewards network is a publicly available distributed ledger that is secured through the networks decentralized model. Our rewards network is built on top of blockchain technology which ensures security and reliability while maintaining exceptional performance.

The Bitswift rewards network business association, and integration, sets it apart from other comparable decentralized ledgers. The Bitswift rewards network may serve different use cases such as, digital notary, digital proof systems and smart contract protocol services.

Rewards earned may be redeemed for products and services offered by Bitswift. Bitswift rewards may be sold directly for Bitcoin on any supporting digital currency exchange. Bitswift rewards attain real value because they are exchangeable for Bitcoin, the fair and transparent p2p value transfer protocol of the internet.

A copy of the current Bitswift reward networks source code can be found here: GITHUB
To take full advantage of the networks features, we recommend building from source and running in a secure Linux environment.

about us

The team behind Bitswift is passionate about emerging technologies and their capabilities. We provide technology solutions for businesses and individuals increasing their productivity, profitability and enjoyment.

Bitswift Technology Solutions Inc., 123B-556 O’Connor Dr, Kingston, ON K7P 1N3

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