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Working with us is a powerful partnership. You already have the talent and compassion to help people and businesses with their technological needs. You seek out innovative ways to integrate technology into daily life thereby empowering your clients. You enjoy working with technology, solving problems, simple and complex alike and excel at thinking not just about the problems of today, but about those that will arise tomorrow. You have the vision to see the new and unique ways to use new technologies like blockchain to make life easier and to see that with Bitswift, you are investing in your future.

Experience the fun and freedom of becoming a Bitswift Technology Solutions Representative.


Grow your business faster with the power of Bitswift behind you. We have decades of combined experience at your fingertips, giving you the confidence your customers need. At Bitswift, you become part of our constantly evolving knowledge base, keeping you ahead of the competition.

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Bitswift offers a framework and support ntwork to elevate your business to the next level, adding sophistication and  resources you can't achieve on your own. To maintain the highest level of professionalism and talent, we need to know that you believe in our mission and vision.  Share your story with us and show us how you are driven to make life easier for both individuals and businesses by embracing the future.

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Bring more to your clients with Bitswift. We have custom solutions such as secure cloud storage and remote support products instantly available to you. We have already built meaningful relationships with the best in the business to help you succeed.


Channeling the power of partnerships is key to growing a successful business. Bitswift has top partners in the industry giving you the solutions you need to succeed. Bitswift gives you buying power instantly with the top dogs in the marketplace. You have access to top brand name products that you can offer your clients. Not only that, but you get paid when you send them to the online store.



Who wouldn’t like to call their own shots? At Bitswift, you have the freedom to control your work life balance. We have set the groundwork for you already, giving you the opportunity to schedule your time to instantly be profitable and comfortable in your new business.


Presence in the marketplace takes years to achieve. Joining Bitswift lets you  “plug and play” into the industry by having instant access to our infrastructure including webpage, marketing material, and social media presence.