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Bitswift Tokens:

Utility tokens on the Bitswift blockchain allow your apps to write into the public ledger.

Bitswift tokens can be earned by anyone willing to participate in processing Bitswift transactions.

Bitswift tokens are used to perform functions on the Bitswift blockchain. such as voting or creating other digital assets.

Fees on the Bitswift blockchain are dynamic and set by the community. Fees are always in the native token “Bitswift Tokens”. 

Set your own fees, build your own apps, create positive change.

Only 3.88 Million Bitswift tokens exist.

This number can be verified through the transparent Bitswift public blockchain protocol.


Check this link to verify it live: Verify Token Supply

Proof of Stake!

A generation ahead since genesis

Bitswift is a generation ahead utilizing proof of stake consensus since the beginning. Scalable, lightweight, secure and stable are all inheritable attributes for your applications.

The Bitswift blockchain is optimized, it can run on a raspberry pi computer, it’s green and eco friendly, all of these are highly important attributes as we become part of an energy conscious global community.

Bitswift transaction fees remain in the native token (Bitswift Tokens) so that user applications do not need to worry about parent platform bottlenecks such as high gas prices or delayed processing.